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10 Keys to Healthy Relationships

Communication is an indispensable part of any healthy relationship. Good communication includes listening, taking time to have a conversation, respecting others’ opinions even when you disagree, and being honest, open and understanding. Good communication is respectful and does not include yelling, blaming, threats, demands, name calling, or threatening suicide if your partner leaves. These are examples of verbal abuse.


Utah Domestic Violence Council Response Regarding Immigration Issues and Impact on Domestic Violence Victims

September 2010 The Utah Domestic Violence Council (UDVC) is recognized nationally as the state domestic violence coalition in Utah. The council’s mission is to create a state where domestic violence is intolerable. Domestic violence crosses all socioeconomic and cultural lines. For decades, domestic violence service providers have worked diligently to empower victims in Utah by educating them to obey the law and trust the system with their personal information. Therefore, UDVC responds to the names and social security numbers of immigrants released by two former employees of the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS). UDVC appreciates the actions taken by DWS including holding a dialogue with community groups, plans to hold seminars on access to services in local communities, and responding quickly regarding the actions of involved employees.

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