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Grant Allows SLC YWCA to Offer More Support for Domestic Violence Victims

Families in the Salt Lake area will have just a little bit more help after the YWCA announced that it won a substantial grant.

The $49,782 one-year grant was announced Wednesday and comes from the Avon Foundation for Women. According to YWCA marketing and communication manager Mike Varanakis, the money will be used to create a new position at the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center (SLAFJC). The new hire will help women impacted by domestic violence become economically self-sufficient, obtain housing and access other resources.


Remembering Those Lost to Domestic Violence in 2012

The Utah Domestic Violence Council invites you to remember those who lost their lives as a result of domestic violence in the last 12 months in our state.

Please join us on 2nd January 2013 at the State Capitol Building in the Rotunda area at 12 pm. We welcome members from all communities and faith groups to reflect on an issue which cuts across all cultural and spiritual divides and which we must come together to address.


Urgent Action Needed on VAWA Tribal Provisions

American Indian and Alaska Native women are abused, raped and stalked at far greater rates that any other population of women in United States – 6 out of 10 will be physically assaulted in their lifetime, and 1 in 3 Native women will be raped. Eighty-eight percent of the abuse against Native women is committed by non-Native men—but we, as citizens of the United States, permit this abuse to go unchecked because we do not allow police officers, prosecutors and judges on tribal lands to perform their legal obligations regarding these non-Native men. In other words we, citizens of the United States, have sanctioned “open season against Native American women by non-Native men”. This is simply unconscionable. Each of us has an opportunity, now, to right this wrong. 

We urgently ask you to PLEASE:
Stop whatever important thing you are doing right now
Use this number 888.269.5702 to connect to the Capitol switchboard (using this number allows NNEDV to track the number of calls being made). Then ask to be connected to your U.S. Representative or Senator.

Ask your Members of Congress to tell you that they will do one of the following acceptable things:

  • Support § 904 in S. 1925
  • Sign on as a co-sponsor or pledge their support for the Issa-Cole § 904 compromise language (HR 6625)

Forward this message to all of your programs and distribution lists and ask everyone you know to do the same