A Message from UDVC's Executive Director

The UDVC mission is "to create a state where domestic violence is intolerable." Ending violence is the foundation for the work, however I believe we can not rest until we create a state where families flourish; where all members of our families and communities are held in high regard and treated with compassion, dignity and respect. None of us or our children are truly safe until we all live in homes free of abuse and violence.

I sincerely believe that by working together, we can make Utah the safest state in the nation. We have state and local officials committed to this work, we have coalition members from every walk of life who are working toward this goal of safe and healthy families. Our partners include faith leaders, police, business leaders, lawyers,medical professional and  volunteers throughout Utah. Utah has a state wide culture that seeks to nurture and support families. UDVC seeks to connect these community efforts to give a greater voice to all our efforts.

It is obvious that the upcoming presidential election will put a spotlight on Utah. What better time to join together and promote the values of compassion and respect and weave that into the fabric on life in Utah. I believe that by working together, Utah has the opportunity to be a shining light for the rest of the country.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition  is committed to doing our part. We are committed to working collaboratively with our state and local partners to promote best practices and programs of excellence. UDVC is committed to give voice to those who suffer and to support those who help these families heal. 

There are many ways to join in this work, and you can start by joining or renewing your membership. UDVC needs your support so we can better support those in need. We need your support so our shared vision of Utah being the safest state in the nation becomes a reality.  

In deep gratitude for all your concern,

Peg Coleman
UDVC Executive Director

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