Domestic Violence Information and Referral Now Available 24 Hours

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC) is pleased to announce that the domestic violence LINK line services are now available 24 hours, seven days a week. The LINK line, available by calling 1-800-897-LINK (5465), is for anyone who needs information or referrals about domestic violence.

“The LINK line is a way individuals can call and get the help they need in a free, anonymous and confidential way,” said A. J. Hunt, UDVC LINK Line Coordinator. “Supporting this resource 24 hours a day enables us to provide better service coverage and to reach out to those who are can’t call during daytime hours.”

Funding for the increased service hours comes from a grant through the Utah Attorney General’s Office. The grant, Safe Passage, is designed to help underserved individuals who reside in rural Utah.

“We are grateful for the Safe Passage grant,” said Judy Kasten Bell, UDVC Executive Director, “In a 1997 Dan Jones poll, eight in ten Utah women reported that not knowing where to turn for help is a barrier to reporting incidents of abuse. It is our hope that through the UDVC LINK line we can break down this barrier and provide resources for more people and families involved in domestic violence.”

Utah’s domestic violence LINK line has served more than 55,000 people since its inception in 1993. Last year the LINK line served 3,834 individuals, 27% of whom were Utah children.

“It is very important that we see domestic violence as a community problem,” said Brandy Farmer, UDVC Chair. “It crosses all social-economic boundaries. As with all community problems, it takes a community coming together to end the violence. It is our belief that there is ‘No Excuse for Abuse.’”

Contact the UDVC office for more information at (801) 521-5544. If you or someone you know needs help or information regarding domestic violence, contact the UDVC LINK line, available seven days a week toll free at 1-800-897-LINK (5465). Working together, we can put an end to domestic violence.

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