Domestic Violence Training and Information Resources Now Available

The Utah Domestic Violence Council is pleased to announce the publication of several important domestic violence training and awareness resources for domestic violence professionals, the faith leader community, and the general public.

On Jan. 18, 2005, the Council approved the launch of its new web-based training titled, “The Basics of Domestic Violence,” which is designed to explore the complex issue of domestic violence as it affects women, men, and children. Participants learn about power and control in relationships, the cycle of violence, barriers to leaving, and working with victims from diverse populations. This course is free to participants who sign up to take it. A certificate of completion is available for $20 for participants who have finished the four-hour course and would like a record of their course completion. For more information, contact UDVC at (801) 521-5544.

The Interfaith Leader Committee of UDVC also recently supplied area faith leaders with a copy of “Faith Leaders Working with Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Abusers: Resource Manual,” to provide education and tools to help faith leaders respond appropriately to those who need help. The UDVC has also developed a training program to address the critical issues faith communities are facing. Copies of the Resource Manual are available for free on the UDVC website.

For more information on faith leader training and congregation awareness training, consult the Faith Leaders Training brochure available in the resources section of the UDVC website, Finally, the Council has updated two important informational brochures for the general public:

  • There’s No Excuse for Abuse,” a brochure which provides general information about the Utah Domestic Violence Council and its mission and goals as Utah’s state coalition against domestic violence.
  • Children in Domestic Violence,” a brochure which provides information specifically about the effects of domestic violence on children in the home, statistical data from a variety of respected sources, and information on what parents can do to help prevent their children from becoming victims of domestic violence and child abuse.

These brochures can also be found on the UDVC website,, or contact the UDVC offices for more information at (801) 521-5544. If you or someone you know needs help or information regarding domestic violence, contact the Utah Domestic Violence Information Line, available seven days a week toll free at 1-800-897-LINK (5465). Working together, we can put an end to domestic violence.