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Introduction to VAWA Self-Petitioning

Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. is offering a four-week Introduction to VAWA Self-Petitioning e-learning course, starting on September 6. This is an online course in which course work can be done anytime during the week at the participant's convenience. The course virtual classroom includes weekly reading, sample case files to review, quizzes, discussion questions and other activities, along with a weekly ninety minute live webinar. Course participants unable to attend the live webinar may view a recording on the course website.

E-learning Course: Introduction to VAWA Self-Petitioning

September 6-October 4, 2012

Family-based immigration allows certain USCs and LPRs to petition for their spouses, children, and parents to become permanent residents. Some spouses, children, and parents who have been abused by USCs or LPRs are eligible to file self-petitions under the Violence Against Women Act and gain permanent residence without the involvement of the abusers. This four-week course provides an introduction to VAWA self-petitioning, focusing on eligibility, how, when and where to apply, and how to document VAWA self-petitions. We will also explore the dynamics of abusive relationships and working with survivors of domestic violence. The instructors for this course will be CLINIC attorneys Kristina Karpinski and Susan Schreiber.