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UDVC Biennial Report 2007-2008

Chair Message

Dear UDVC Members, Staff and Community,

Over the past two years, the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition has made many changes in its organization, committees, and in developing and implementing the first three year strategic plan.

With these changes, we decided that our mission statement and vision statement needed to also change.

The Vision of the Council is: The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition envisions a world where everyone lives free from fear.

The new Mission Statement is: to create a state where domestic violence is intolerable.

These changes have helped the Council focus and define its efforts as the statewide agency to address the issues and dynamics of domestic violence.

The passion, dedication, and commitment of the Council members and staff have not changed and are stronger than ever before. The public and community have been invited to join Council members on committees to work on projects to make the public more aware of the issues of domestic violence.

As the committees complete the goals of the strategic plan, the Council will become the “voice” of domestic violence in Utah.

Caron Withers
UDVC Chair

Message From the Executive Director

“Man in puppy beating is charged with assaulting woman…man arrested in attempted murder… suspect in Ogden murder caught… endangered woman found unharmed…Syracuse man sentenced to prison for girlfriend’s beating…woman stabs husband on his birthday…survivor of dating violence thinks teens should have option of getting protective orders…domestic violence suspect caught after cutting girlfriend’s neck.” Unfortunately, domestic violence shelter staff, victim advocates, law enforcement officers, medical providers and faith leaders trained in responding to domestic violence are still needed in Utah. The good news is that 22 local domestic violence coalitions still exist even with the tough economic times as well as all of the 16 licensed domestic violence shelters, the 24 hour daily Domestic Violence LinkLine, the over 30 victim advocate programs and the many licensed domestic violence treatment programs. We all dig in a bit deeper to continue to provide services. The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, (all 36 members and the staff and volunteers) remain committed to our mission to make domestic violence intolerable in our state. I wish for a simpler time, even in the moments such as when in a recent visit to my mother who resides in an Alzheimer’s care center, my 2 ½ year old granddaughter just reached for her great grandmother’s hand and patted it as if to say – it’s ok and I love you. The majority of us are under great stress to make it through our days and nights. If we just would reach out to each other and let one another know that we care, perhaps we will perform our work better with a lighter step. And just perhaps, the headlines in the news will be about service and not so many about domestic violence. Our communities need to hear about us and from us so they will care about ending domestic violence and changing the headlines.

Judy Kasten Bell
Executive Director