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UDVC Biennial Report October 2009-September 2010

Message from UDVC Chair: Kathryn Monson

Dear UDVC Members, Staff and Community:

During the past two years, we have said good-bye to many long-term and very valuable Council members who have contributed greatly to the UDVC and its efforts. But, we have also been able to welcome many new members. We have a diverse council with people from many different disciplines who are working together to “create a state where domestic violence is intolerable.”
We have a new logo and tagline—“Educate…Advocate…Collaborate.” The new logo no longer has a focus on what is broken, but sends the message that through working together we can create the synergy needed to improve the greater possibility of safe and healthy families and communities.

The Council has approved a new system of individual and organizational memberships. We invite everyone to get additional information about membership opportunities on our website and join us in our efforts!

Other important efforts over these two years include:

  • A division of the Board Secretary/Treasurer position to allow the Secretary to focus on the membership effort and the treasurer to help with fundraising development.
  • New public service announcements that have been sent to radio stations statewide to help raise awareness of domestic abuse.
  • Completion of updating the Council By-Laws which will allow the Council to move forward by implementing needed changes.
  • The hosting of two very successful conferences for professionals statewide. After much consideration, there will be a new format this year with separate shelter, treatment and diversity conferences.
  • Joining UCASA and the SLADVC for a very successful Day at the Legislature in conjunction with the Clothesline project this past year and a Public Day held the previous year. The careful coordination of every detail led to an important impact on our legislators.
  • Working to provide information and training for many different groups to create more effective services for families impacted by violence. The Professional Education committee has held successful LIVE basic trainings in the regions of the state that has enabled more professionals to participate. The Health Care workgroup continues its efforts to educate health care professionals in how to recognize and provide assistance for those they serve who are living in violent homes. The Interfaith workgroup continues to educate faith leaders around the state about their tremendous role and impact when working with families who are faced with domestic abuse. And, the ICDV is working to help the smallest members of our communities who are being traumatized by the abuse in their homes.

I am so impressed with the dedication and passion brought by the members of the Council and the staff. We need everyone’s perspective in order to have a balanced approach to our work. I believe that as a statewide agency, this Council is in a unique position to work towards true systems change that will lead to improved lives for families and communities.