About UDVC

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is a private non-profit recognized nationally as providing expertise concerning issues of domestic and sexual violence to member programs and community partners throughout the State of Utah.

UDVC is a membership comprised of non-profit victim service agencies throughout the State of Utah as well as other allied agencies. This membership structure ensures that the voice of victims and local communities remains central to our work and mission.

UDVC staff provides technical assistance and training to member programs and community partners throughout the entire state. Nationally recognized for our expertise, Utah Domestic Violence staff advocate for the development of policies and practices that enhance victim safety and empowerment, and raise awareness concerning both prevention and intervention of domestic and sexual violence.

UDVC operates in a framework of social justice, educating and advocating for policies that are inclusive, compassionate and affirming of the rights of victims and their children.


Mission Statement

To create a state where domestic violence is intolerable.


The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition envisions a world where everyone lives free from fear.


  • Domestic violence is a crime.
  • Domestic violence is preventable.
  • Victims/survivors are not to blame.
  • Perpetrators are responsible for their own actions.
  • The most effective way to reduce domestic violence is through coordinated community effort.


  1. Support laws that provide protection and accountability.
  2. Educate public and professional entities to understand and effectively address domestic violence as a critical social issue.
  3. Provide effective resources for victims, perpetrators, families, and communities.

Purposes of UDVC include

  • To develop and review suggested domestic violence policies and procedures.
  • Recommend and support legal and legislative action.
  • Suggest and support initiatives, including training focused on providing effective domestic violence intervention/prevention services to Utah communities.
  • Encourage the evaluation of the quality and efficiency of domestic violence programs.
  • Foster cooperation and coordination between and among Utah agencies and organizations.
  • Advocate for the prompt availability and accessibility of domestic violence services to all residents of the state, in a manner which preserves human dignity and overcomes cultural, linguistic and economic barriers.


Financial Responsibility

UDVC financial statements are audited annually by an independent outside firm. UDVC is an approved 501(c)3 and files an annual tax return with the IRS.

2012 Tax Return

2011 Tax Return