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UDVC 26th Annual Conference, Nov. 13th-15th, Call for Presenters


This year’s theme is:

“Recognize, Organize, Energize: empowering individuals and agencies to end Intimate Partner Violence”

The aim of our 26th Annual Conference is to strengthen basic recognition and education around Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) for advocates and other professionals, primarily healthcare, criminal & civil justice professionals, and homeless service providers. We will be encouraging the organization of a response to IPV within individual agencies, between agencies and in the broader community setting which includes looking at everything from prevention strategies to engagement with policymakers to affect meaningful change - connections with legal, healthcare and housing systems will feature strongly. And last, but by no means least, we are committed to energizing those who attend the conference for the work ahead and ensuring they leave with tangible tools to put to use immediately.


Presentations may focus on a variety of issues that pertain to the theme of the conference and which demonstrate a link to the overall aims as outlined above. Areas of interest for this event include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • IPV across the lifespan

  • Coercive Control

  • The intersection of Suicide and IPV

  • Mental Health & IPV

  • Substance Use Disorder and IPV

  • Supporting survivors with disabilities

  • Cultural competency

  • The impact of IPV on health

  • Supporting healthcare providers to address IPV

  • Supporting survivors to access healthcare

  • Mandatory reporting

  • Promising prevention/intervention strategies

  • Home Visiting programs

  • Engaging Men and boys as survivors and as allies

  • Confidentiality - why it is so vital to survivors and what do we need to understand about the confidentiality mandates of different professionals

  • Lethality Assessment

  • Working with and within the court system to address IPV

  • Promising practices to improve the court’s response to IPV

  • Assisting victims in preparation for Court

  • Supporting survivors’ navigation of legal issues that may be a barrier to services

  • Child custody/visitation when IPV is a factor

  • The role of the Guardian Ad Litem

  • Legal liabilities for programs, what they are & how to prepare for them

  • Immigration issues

  • Policy/Legislation updates - what do those working with survivors need to know about state/national developments

  • Statute of Limitations

  • Stalking

  • Best practices for law enforcement investigating IPV

  • The intersection of IPV & Homelessness

  • Housing First

  • Partnership Building between DV Victim services and Homeless service providers

  • Mobile Case Management

  • Coordinated Community Response


All workshop sessions will be 90 minutes in length. We encourage you to employ a presentation format that engages your colleagues in discussion and learning. Workshops may follow one of the following formats, or you may submit a proposal with an alternative format.

Facilitated Content: Presenters act as content leaders, presenting short segments of content and then leading engaging activities, group discussion and participant reflections on how to apply their new knowledge to practice.

Panel Discussion: Includes two to three presenters who represent multiple institutions and/or perspectives on the same issue. Presenters create an engaging moderated discussion with dialogue, storytelling, case studies and lessons learned to help participants apply concepts.


Important Dates

Open call: July 3rd - August 25th, 2017

Deadline to submit proposal:Friday August 25th at 5pm Mountain Time

Decisions made by: mid-September

Submission Questions

Successful submissions will have innovative topics with presentations focused on creating interactive learning environments. During the submission process you will be asked to prepare the following:

  • Session title          

  • Abstract, a summary of your presentation containing the primary learning objective (1,600 character limit)

  • Brief description of the types of facilitation strategies you will use to engage the audience (ex. Question & answer, roundtable discussions, visual aids, etc…)

  • List of your presentation’s top three learning objectives

  • Short biography for each speaker involved in a presentation

Workshop Selection Process

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the Conference planning workgroup and other experts in the field. The committee will give priority to proposals that:

  • Have a clearly stated purpose and learning objectives.

  • Demonstrate relevancy and impact on DV/IPV

  • Provide participants with strategies, information and lessons learned that can be applied to practice.

  • Highlight innovations in the field and enhance program quality.

  • Are interactive, apply adult learning strategies and engage audience members.

Workshop applicants will receive an email notifying them of the status of their proposal by mid- September.

Workshop Requirements and Policies

  • Presenters are required to complete the workshop requirement form that will be sent with the approval notification in September and return the same within 14 days.

  • We request that selected presenters provide a picture for engagement and promotional purposes by October 1 2017.

  • Presenters will be sent details of how to access the UDVC Conference App and are requested to complete their individual page.

  • Presenters are requested to provide a copy of any powerpoint slides by October 31st 2017. These will be uploaded to the UDVC Conference App along with any other materials a presenter wishes the audience to have. If it is not the regular practice of a presenter to disseminate such material this can be discussed with the conference organizers.

  • Requests for printed materials to use at the conference must be received, together with a copy of the material, by October 31st 2017.

  • Presenters will be required to complete registration to receive one free space at the conference. In the event that multiple speakers are presenting the same session, each additional speaker will be eligible to attend for half price.

If you have any questions on the above please contact Liz Watson at or 801-558-4808.