UDVC Membership

What's changed?

The UDVC has recently engaged in a considerable review and reflection upon its work and practices to ensure that it is meeting its goals and objectives as the State Coalition as best it can.

As a result of this review, the UDVC adopted a new set of bylaws which will be implemented in full by October 1st 2013. The key motivation behind the changes to the bylaws is to further promote the voice of survivors of domestic violence and the non-profit programs that serve them both within the Coalition itself and at a state wide level.

The UDVC will henceforth be known as a Coalition to underline its purpose as the nationally recognized state wide domestic violence coalition and to promote a more collaborative working style between “primary purpose non-profit domestic violence victim services” * and other community partners, including other non-profits, for profits, government agencies and individuals committed to the mission of the UDVC.

The new bylaws require changes to the membership structure of the UDVC, the most significant of which is as follows: "At least 51% of the voting membership will consist of primary purpose non-profit domestic violence victim services"

 What does membership offer?

Membership of UDVC offers the opportunity to make a difference to those affected by domestic violence in Utah and to connect to the national movement to end interpersonal violence.

Coalition members bring their experience and voices together, and more importantly bring forward the experience and voices of the victims they serve, to shape and direct the work of the UDVC in pursuit of its mission and its goals to advocate, educate and collaborate.

Members have access to trainings & conferences offered by the UDVC either for free or at a discounted rate as well as technical assistance, access to national resources, newsletters and a community noticeboard.

What is expected of members?

Coalition members are expected to:

  • Ascribe to and actively advocate for the mission, vision, philosophy, code of ethics and other policies of the UDVC and agree to support and follow them in order to further the work of the UDVC.

  • Attend and actively participate in quarterly and annual meetings of the Coalition.

  • Exercise voting rights to elect Board members, approve specific bylaw changes, and approve any alterations to the role or mission of the Coalition.

  • Actively participate on Coalition committees, or when assigned, task forces/workgroups

  • Pay annual dues (for the year 2013/14 these range from $100 - $500)

Membership is reviewed on an annual basis.

Is there a limit on the number of members?

While there is no limit now on the number of members there is a balance to be maintained between the number of primary purpose non-profit domestic violence service program members and members representing other groups/individuals.

How do I become member?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of UDVC please email admin@udvc.org for an application packet. 

The membership year commences on October 1st through September 30th.  Applications can be accepted at any time of year, the annual dues apply to all applicants. All applications are reviewed by the Governance Committee.

We recognize that not everyone may be able or want to be a voting member of the Coalition and yet may want to show their support for our work and stay aware of developments.

How else can I become more involved with the UDVC without being a member? 

Why not sign up as a FRIEND of UDVC?

The Friends of UDVC program replaces a previous plan under which supporters were called non-voting members and the benefits of this have now expired. If you were a non-voting member or would simply like to support UDVC's work, consider becoming a friend of UDVC. More information...