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Strangulation Awareness Training

What is Strangulation Awareness Training?

Strangulation Awareness Training is a four-hour training that provides information on recognizing strangulation, and how to respond, document, and report on strangulation crimes. The training also discusses the value of a multi-disciplinary approach to preventing and responding to strangulation.  

What are the core areas covered in the training?

  • Who is at risk of strangulation? 
  • What is strangulation and suffocation? 
  • Identifying the visible and non-visible signs
  • Short- and long-term effects of of strangulation
  • Documentation and trauma-informed practices 

Who Should Attend?

Professionals seeking to improve the identification, investigation, documentation, and prosecution of strangulation cases in their communities. Examples of professionals who would benefit includes, and is not limited to, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, healthcare providers (ER/ED staff, EMTs, nurses, doctors, social workers, victim advocates, first responders, and criminal justice professionals.  

What is the cost?

The training is free; however, registration is required to participate. 

When is the training?

Check the calendar for dates and/or call our office, 801-521-5544

Are training credits available?

P.O.S.T. and 4 CEU credits are available for attending.