Criminal Justice

Domestic Violence is a Public Safety Issue

It not only affects those that are abused, but also has a substantial and tragic effect on family members, friends, co-workers, children, and other witnesses. Domestic violence is not a private matter – it adversely affects communities. 

Law enforcement officers often represent the first line of intervention for victims of domestic violence and their families. The overall goal of law enforcement is to enforce the law, which extends to stopping the act of violence that is in progress, ensuring the safety of the victim and others affected by the violence, and arresting the offender. Because of their close involvement with victims and offenders, officers are one of the key components of the coordinated community response against domestic violence and a critical element in keeping victims safe and holding abusers accountable.

Collaborative Partnership

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition has had collaborative partnership with Utah law enforcement and the criminal justice system in the fight against domestic violence. Some ways in which we have worked together include:

Legal & Criminal Justice Resources

Utah Department of Safety

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

ABA Commission on DV "Comprehensive Issue Spotting: A Tool for Civil Attorneys Representing Victims of Domestic and Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking

Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

Utah Prosecution Council

Utah Legal Services

Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake

Utah Domestic Violence Related Laws

Utah State Legislature

Federal Domestic Violence Related Laws

The Library of Congress

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